Your consultant for commercial and legal matters.

Area and expertise

No matter if you are a business owner in need of guidance on commercial and legal matters or an individual dealing with everyday affairs, we are here to provide you with reliable commercial and legal consultations
  • Business Practice - Gain insights on navigating the commercial landscape of Cypriot business practice, including consultations on commercial transactions.

  • Standard Practice - Get an understanding of commonly accepted business practices and cultural nuances in Cyprus.
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Our advantages

Clients trust us in the most complex matters because they know we will help them mitigate business risks.

Years of practice

Our specialists have a minimum of 6 years of experience
in legal / commercial practice.


All information provided to our specialists will remain confidential in accordance with applicable confidentiality and GDPR regulations.

We speak your language

Our legal / commercial consultant can communicate and provide services in three languages: Russian, Greek, and English.

Qualified service

We hold a leading positions in the consultation services market due to our commitment to providing quality service and valuing our clients.


We assign a dedicated specialist to each case, who exclusively works with you / your company throughout the process.

Benefits and Advantages

Cost - lower
Speed - higher
than compared to market services, primarily because we operate remotely and possess extensive experience tailored to your specific case.
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"For the past 10 years, we have been successfully handling the most challenging inquiries during our consultations."

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